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I started making Pebble Pictures after a short stay in South Wales where I saw one in a seaside gift shop and thought "How lovely! I could do that..". I then proceeded to collect pebbles at every opportunity. A handful of small stones goes an awful long way. They can be purchased from many major retailers and online. I generally go for grey smooth stones, oval and round in the main, but triangular, oblong, and sea glass are amazing to work with.
I made my first pebble pictures for my home and then started making them as gifts for friends and family, then for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, new baby, etc. Pebble greeting cards are also proving popular and are available on different coloured card and for all occasions.


Here are some of my pebble pictures that I framed for at home and as gifts. Take a peek...!


New Baby

Love To Sing

At The Seaside

Sail Away

Chez Casa Sola

Love To Travel

Love To Paint

Viva Espania

Love To Garden


Tie The Knot

Love To BBQ

Windy Day

Love To Shop

Stick That Neck Out!

Why not order a gift for a loved one?

All my creations are hand made one-of-ones. The galleries on this site are to show the items I have already made on request. If you'd like a hand made one-of-one for your loved one, why not get in touch and tell me what you're after. We can talk about colours, materials and cost before I get to work.

All the best, Sarah xx